Jail for salesmen who pressurised pensioners

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ly dismissed following an investigation.”

A spokesman for Doncaster Education Authority said the incident did not involve any pupils from the school.

Doncaster divisional secretary for the National Union of Teachers, John Coward, said it was the first case of its sort he had heard of in Doncaster.

He stressed procedures were in place in Doncaster to make sure pupils were safe at school.

He said: “Safeguarding of children in Doncaster must be the top priority, and I know Doncaster Council works hard to ensure that is the case.

“The victim was not from the school where he was teaching, and I think it is important that parents don’t panic and think this sort of thing happens in schools.

“We and the council are working hard to make sure pupils are safe in schools.”

Avery was a long standing art teacher at the school. Before taking his job in Edlington, he had worked at City School in Sheffield, where he hit the headlines after losing 14 stone in weight in just nine months.