Jail for jilted ex who shaved off his cheating girl’s hair

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A jilted teenager has been jailed - for shaving off part of his ex-girlfriend’s hair in a revenge attack.

Samuel Kennedy, aged 18, decided to embarrass and humiliate Courtney Dyson who told him she been two-timing him a fortnight earlier.

He asked Miss Dyson to visit his home to talk things over - and she went because she thought he ‘might do something silly’.

Prosecutor Jayne Ormrod told Barnsley magistrates Kennedy picked up his ex-girlfriend’s handbag and took it upstairs and she followed him to the bedroom.

Mrs Ormrod said: “Miss Dyson sat on a bed and Mr Kennedy got on top of her. Then as he straddled her he picked up some electric hair cutters and partially shaved her head.”

After using the cutters he told her, ‘That’s what you deserve, now get out of my house’.

“He later said he did not want to hurt her, he wanted revenge, to embarrass her and make her look stupid,” said Mrs Ormrod.

The ‘distressed’ victim had to spend over £200 on a wig.

Kennedy, of Brookfield, Oxspring, admitted assault and was jailed for 16 weeks and banned from contacting Miss Dyson for two years.