‘It’s getting out of hand’: Shocked neighbours reveal ‘gang’ problems after Sheffield schoolboy, 12, shot

Residents in a Sheffield suburb rocked by the shooting of a 12-year-old have spoken of their shock at the incident.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 11:48 am

Police flooded Arbourthorne last night after shots were fired into a group of people near to the Go Extra Local Arbourthorne Convenience Store between Northern Avenue and Errington Road.

But this morning the streets in the area were eerily quiet with few signs of the mass of police activity just a few hours beforehand.

Only a few strands of police tape attached to lamp-posts and fences remained and staff at local shops and businesses were reluctant to talk about the shooting.

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The scene of the shooting in Arbourthorne.

However, a few neighbours and residents spoke of their shock on the eerily deserted streets near to the scene of the incident.

Cara Morris said: “It’s shocking isn’t it?

“I don’t really know what happened but my friend told me there were loads of police down here last night and the whole street was sealed off.

“There’s always gangs of kids and that walking around the streets and hanging around the shops so I’m guessing something has gone off between them.

“You are always going to get fights and problems between rival gangs, but when a 12-year-old lad is getting shot, then its getting out of hand.”

Lee Dennis, another resident, said: “I came down the shops late last night and there were police all over the place.

“Someone told me that a kid had been shot but it’s not really anything to do with me. Sounds like kids arguing among themselves.”