Interviews for top police job

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TWO candidates in the running for the top job at South Yorkshire Police to are be interviewed for a second time.

David Crompton, West Yorkshire Police’s Deputy Chief Constable, and Stuart Hyde, Cumbria Constabulary’s Deputy Chief Constable, have been interviewed once and taken part in assessments but the panel deciding who to appoint has been unable to choose between the pair.

South Yorkshire Police Authority has now agreed to invite them both back for a second interview - on Monday, January 23.

Med Hughes retired from the post in October after seven years at the helm, with the position now being held on a temporary basis by Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson.

Charles Perryman, chairman of South Yorkshire Police Authority, said: “We feel it is important for all members of the authority to be involved in choosing a new chief constable for the county.

“We have two very strong candidates and this is an extremely important decision for South Yorkshire to make. It would not be productive for the county’s long-term future if an appointment was hastily made.”

The authority is expected to make a decision by the end of the month.