Injection spiking Sheffield: Three girls and classmates spiked in 'new perverse nightclub phenomenon'

A Sheffield councillor revealed she had been the victim of drink spiking during a meeting about violence against women.

Friday, 19th November 2021, 11:54 am

Coun Jayne Dunn said she had never even told her mum what happened but said a debate at full council had prompted her to open up.

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Councillor feared she would be raped after online abuse

“I grew up in a household with domestic violence,” she said. “My mum was beaten half to death numerous times and I hid underneath the bed with my sister.

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Injection spiking Sheffield: Three girls and classmates spiked in 'new perverse nightclub phenomenon'.

“Unfortunately, this is still happening today. Women are still frightened and we can’t let that continue. I’ve always felt deeply ashamed that I was frightened of men for many years.”

Coun Dunn, who was also once the victim of a stalker, went on to talk about when her drink was spiked.

“Luckily a very good male friend of mine found me and this is the first time that I have ever told anybody.

“I woke up the next day and I couldn’t remember anything, I was violently sick.

“I have never even told my mum but she’ll hear this today because we have to speak out now.

“Not all men are bad, I have been supported, loved and cared for by some amazing men, and I’m not a man hater. I absolutely adore them, I just can’t trust.”

Teenage girls having drinks spiked in Sheffield clubs

Coun Ben Curran prompted the debate when he asked councillors to support White Ribbon Day on November 25 which raises awareness of male violence against women.

He said: “Men commit the vast majority of the violence against women and within our society.

“One of my constituents was inappropriately touched on a bus by a man. She spoke out sternly but the response from the driver was to roll his eyes, as if to say – and this is in her words – ‘we’ve got a right one here’.

“That’s not good enough and our culture needs to change. My nephew’s former classmates, three girls from his form that graduated before the summer, have been spiked in this new perverse nightclub phenomenon where men are injecting women with some sort of substance.

“This is for the women who installed Our Bodies Our Streets artwork on the Ponderosa, who felt the need to campaign for their rights. We stand with you and not with the man who burnt it down.”

Domestic violence in the home

Coun Garry Weatherall spoke about a female friend, a mother of two young children, badly beaten by her partner.

“I had a call in the early hours to go over and she was in a bad way, I couldn’t recognise her. Her face was black and blue and she was bleeding all over.

“I took her to the police station and she made a statement but he rang me up and said ‘what have you done’.

“I said what you have done is appalling. It’s absolutely wicked if you think you can sit on her and beat her from left to right with your fist.”

Councillors agreed White Ribbon Day should be supported by Sheffield Council.