Indefinite prison for brute who assaulted little girls

Leroy James, 40,
Leroy James, 40,
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A RAPIST who attacked children in Sheffield has been locked up indefinitely for the public’s protection.

Leroy James, 40, used handcuffs and drugs to stop his young victims resisting or escaping. He was found guilty of 16 sex offences, including eight rapes and two indecent assaults, in relation to attacks on four girls aged as young as nine over a 10-year period, with victims in Sheffield, Nottingham and Bristol.

A judge at Bristol Crown Court branded him ‘manipulating’ and ordered him to serve a minimum of 10 years behind bars.

James’ Sheffield victims included a girl raped in a field, and another sexually abused in the living room of his Sheffield home.

The court heard the brute formerly went by the name Robert Day. Judge Michael Longman also handed down an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order to keep James away from children.