‘I’d shoot you’, abuse victim’s grandad tells Wright

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright
South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright
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The grandfather of a 12-year-old Rotherham abuse victim today told Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright: “If I had a gun I would shoot you.”

He told how the child, found with four men, was arrested for being drunk and disorderly while the men walked free

The angry grandfather branded Mr Wright ‘a disgrace’.

It happened when members of the public were given a one hour slot to ask questions.

Members of South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Panel were also asked why they have not referred Mr Wright to South Yorkshire Police for investigation over what he knew about child sexual exploitation.

One member of the public at the meeting in Rotherham this morning asked why Mr Wright and Joyce Thacker, head of children’s services in the town, had not been referred to the police for investigation over whether they conspired to ‘assist offenders in perverting the course of justice’.

Another member of the public said he hoped Mr Wright would be investigated for ‘dereliction of duty’.

Two victims of child sexual abuse in the town spoke out about their experiences.

One called for Mr Wright to ‘stand down,’ the other revealed that her child had been taken away from her.

Mr Wright has been answering questions from members of the public about the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham.

He was being grilled by the Police and Crime Panel, which oversees the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Mr Wright said he will ask Chief Constable David Crompton whether the police officers involved are still working for South Yorkshire Police.

An EDL member who admitted to visiting Mr Wright’s home every day since the publication of a damning report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham - which revealed that 1,400 children had been abused by largely Pakistani men over 16 years - called for the police chief to resign.

Mr Wright urged him to stop visiting his home, claiming neighbours with young children were being affected.

The Police and Crime Commissioner, on £85,000-a-year, claims no Rotherham MPs raised child sexual exploitation issue or individual cases with him in the past

He said he also “does not remember” any member of the public raising issue of child sexual exploitation with him at any of his surgeries.

He said the scathing report, which found that Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police failed to act because of sensitivities around the ethnicity of the perpetrators, made ‘no direct criticism of me’.

Mr Wright told the panel at the start of the meeting: “I have a huge regret I was not more aware of the child sexual exploitation problem.

“I would never ever ignore anything so heinous as child sexual exploitation, neither would any right minded decent thinking human being.”

He said child sexual exploitation is ‘still happening today in Rotherham and across South Yorkshire’ and that “victims are often singled out for their vulnerability.”

He described child sexual exploitation as ‘one of the most sickening aspects of our society’.