Hillsborough survivors felt ‘intimidated’ - claim

Hillsborough Disaster
Hillsborough Disaster
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Hillsborough survivors have spoken of being ‘scared and intimidated’ by police officers who had been tasked to investigate the football disaster.

Some football fans who were at Hillsborough on the day 96 supporters were killed spoke to the BBC’s Newsnight programme to reveal concerns over the way officers from West Midlands Police treated and questioned them when they gave their witness statements after the disaster.

Survivor Nick Braley said when he told West Midlands officers that he thought South Yorkshire police failings had caused the disaster, he was told he could face prosecution.

He told the programme he was ‘scared and intimidated’ by a West Midlands officer and accused of having a ‘grudge’ against police.

“I’m a 19-year-old boy, three weeks out of Hillsborough, traumatised, and he’s threatening me that he’s going to put together a case for wasting police time because he didn’t like my evidence.”

The IPCC is investigating possible police misconduct and criminality after it emerged that scores of statements given by police officers were doctored by South Yorkshire Police.

West Midlands Police carried out the initial investigation into the disaster, which formed the basis of the first ever inquiry into the disaster, the subsequent decision not to prosecute individuals, and the flawed inquests whose verdicts were quashed in 2012.

The IPCC wants to trace anyone who had any involvement with West Midlands Police following the disaster.