Help to pick policing priorities

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SOUTH Yorkshire residents can now tell police what their priorities should be - at the touch of a button.

South Yorkshire Police Authority has launched an online Policing Priorities survey to help shape forthcoming police plans and targets.

The online survey asks the public to pick their top five policing priorities for 2012-13.

They can choose between different types of crime including shoplifting, drink driving, burglary, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Respondents will also get a say in choosing their top five policing activities from 11 areas which include dealing with flooding, helping to run community activities, monitoring offenders and caring for witnesses and victims of crime.

The survey follows a similar exercise carried out last year which saw the authority distribute consultation leaflets to the public and conduct a similar online survey.

Authority chairman Charles Perryman said: “In light of the funding challenges police forces currently face, it is more important than ever we find out what matters most to local residents.”

Log on to to take part.