Headteacher and Sheffield graduate denies sex with two teenage boys

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A University of Sheffield graduate who went on to become a nationally-acclaimed headteacher has denied having underage sex with two teenage boys.

Anne Lakey, aged 55, is accused of 13 counts of indecent assault on a boy aged 13 or 14, and another boy aged 15, over a three-year period in the 1980s.

Lakey said she was ‘devastated’ when she learned of the allegations in an email and has since been suspended from her role as chief executive of the Durham Federation, in charge of two secondary schools.

Lakey was suspended when one of the complainants emailed her school in December 2012, branding her a ‘disgusting sexual monster’ and claiming she had sex with him when he was 13 when she was a history and RE teacher.

Tim Roberts QC, defending at Teesside Crown Court, asked: “What effect did that have on you?”

Lakey told the jury: “I was devastated.”

The younger complainant has said he played a dare game with her and exposed her breasts during a visit to her home in the late 1980s. He claimed she later had sex with him after he watched her bathe. They then repeatedly had sex, he alleged.

Mr Roberts asked Lakey: “Was there ever an occasion when you took off your clothes and encouraged him to have sexual intercourse with you?”

She replied: “Absolutely not.”

The second, older complainant said Lakey took his virginity in a tent after she encouraged him to creep over in the middle of the night.

Lakey told the court: “He did not visit me in the night.”

The boy ‘certainly did not’ get in her sleeping bag, ‘did not kiss and cuddle’ her or have sex with her, she said.

The head did develop a sexual relationship with this complainant when he was 18, she said.

In 2012, Lakey rang her ex-lover after the first complainant’s email dropped at her school because he had been named in it, she explained.

“I hadn’t seen him for nearly 20 years,” she said.

“I said, ‘I’m really sorry, I’m having some problems at school. There is a malicious email at school, you have been named in it’.”

Lakey denied she asked him not to talk to the police.

The court heard her first job after studying at the University of Sheffield was teaching in Mansfield, then Huddersfield before she moved with her then husband Eamonn Toland back to her native North East.

At the time of the allegations, Lakey taught at Sandhill View School, Sunderland.