He was a ‘teddy bear’ and a gentle grandad

Alan Greaves.
Alan Greaves.
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Alan Greaves was a ‘gentle soul and a teddy bear of a grandfather’ who was the victim of a ‘random act of violence’.

Canon Simon Bessant, vicar at St Saviour’s Church, said High Green had been ‘appalled’ by the murder of ‘gentle and caring’ Mr Greaves.

Mr Bessant said Alan was generous and giving with his time and dedicated his life to helping others.

Alan Greaves was a quiet, deeply religious man whose life was a total contrast to his violent and senseless death.

In the weeks before he was killed he was involved in setting up a food bank with his wife of 40 years, Maureen.

Born in Chesterfield in July 1944 Alan was a only child.

He met Maureen on a Sheffield Council childcare training course and proposed after three dates.

The couple married at St John’s Church in Hyde Park, Sheffield in 1972 and had four children – Alison, Emma, Peter and Martin.

They lived in High Green, ten minutes from St Saviour’s Church.

A Chesterfield FC fan, Alan was employed as a social worker for the council.

In retirement, he carried out various voluntary roles, including playing piano at a primary school and leading the music at St Saviour’s.

Along with his faith and his family, music was the other passion in his life.

His mother was a music teacher and he played the organ, piano, guitar and clarinet.

He also enjoyed singing and reportedly did a ‘mean’ Les Dawson impression.