'Gun shots' heard as armed police swoop to surround house in late night raid

Gun shots are said to have been heard after armed police reportedly swooped on a South Yorkshire house in a late night raid.

Residents of Clay Lane in Doncaster say dozens of officers descended on the area last night with a man being led away from the scene.

One witness said that at least a dozen marked and unmarked police vehicles swooped on the house in Chalmers Drive at around 10pm last night.

Officers with dogs and an ambulance were also present and some witnesses reported seeing armed officers deployed to the scene, close to Doncaster’s Sandall Park.

Shots were reportedly heard after armed police swooped on a house in Doncaster.

The huge operation came after unconfirmed reports of shots in the area.

One witness said: “I’ve never seen anything like it – it was insane.

"There were so many police and so many cars, blue lights, sirens, the lot.

"Shots were heard before the police came and a man came out of a house with his hands up.”

We have asked South Yorkshire Police for details.