Gran’s anger at attack on man in town

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THUGS who left a man beaten and bleeding in a street with a shattered jaw, days before he hoped to start a new job, have been branded ‘inhuman’.

Dan McLeod, aged 22, from Rossington in Doncaster, is believed to have been knocked down and kicked by a gang in the early hours of Sunday morning - after a night which also saw another man seriously injured in a separate town centre incident.

Mr McLeod was found on a town centre roundabout next to the entrance to St George’s Bridge following an attack, which is believed to have taken place on Grey Friars Road.

He was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary with his jaw broken in five places. At one point, his jawbone was sticking out into his mouth.

Mr McLeod was transferred to Rotherham District General Hospital to undergo surgery to re-build his jaw. He was released from hospital yesterday.

Today his furious grandmother, Eileen Morrison, said: “Anyone who can carry out an attack like that and then just walk away without knowing if the victim is dead or alive, they are just not human.

“They must have no conscience or sense of responsibility to walk away from a 22-year-old like that.

“What sort of people are they? Animals have more respect for people that that.

“The doctors had to rebuild his jaw, there were so many fractures. It is unbelievable that they have done this for no reason. I just want anyone who knows anything about this to call the police.”

Mr McLeod had just returned from university in