Graffiti ‘tagger’ found in class

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A VANDAL was caught by police after officers ran a graffiti-themed workshop in a Sheffield school close to where the culprit’s tag had been spotted – and recognised a student’s artwork.

Officers ran the workshop after noticing the graffiti tag in Stradbroke, Handsworth, Richmond Park and Intake.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Working with one of the local schools and our Children and Young Persons Officer we were able to run a graffiti-themed class where pupils were asked to design artwork based on graffiti tagging.

“It became apparent through this class that the same identical tag was produced by a pupil.

“A full admission was made by the pupil, three tag pens seized from their home address, and a plan put in place for the offender to clean off the graffiti at the various sites.”