Girl’s horror as whippets kill her cat

Upset: Isabella Allen with a picture of her cat Paris.
Upset: Isabella Allen with a picture of her cat Paris.
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A DISTRESSED seven-year-old girl’s pet cat was mauled to death by two whippets as the dogs’ owner stood by and did nothing.

Mum Kirsty Allen, aged 27, from Stannington, Sheffield, said the cat, Paris, suffered an horrific attack in a field close to her home.

She said her sister witnessed the savage attack and the dogs’ owner failed to intervene or drag the whippets off.

Her seven-year-old daughter Isabella is heartbroken at the loss of her pet.

Kirsty said: “A man with two whippets allowed his dogs to savagely kill my seven-year-old daughter’s cat. The owner simply stood and watched this happen and did not make any attempt to stop them.

“My sister witnessed this incident and when running towards them they all ran off - with the cat still in one dog’s mouth.

“We searched the area high and low but could not find the cat.

“The next morning our neighbour found our cat’s body in the exact same spot where she was attacked.

“She wasn’t there the previous day so we believe this man returned her body,” added Kirsty.

“I want to warn people in the area that these dogs are dangerous.”

Kirsty believes she now knows who owns the dogs but wants people to help identify him and report him to the RSPCA.

“All the police have said they can do is visit him and warn him - they can’t do anything further as they say legally he has done no wrong,” she said.

“The fact they cannot do anything further just encourages people to take the law into their own hands.

“They can ask the RSPCA to investigate him but nothing else.

“My plea is for anyone with any information to report this man to the RSPCA.

“It may be that this is not an isolated incident. My daughter has been distraught ever since the attack and I want to see justice done.”