Funeral for mum and children killed at home

Joy Small
Joy Small
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A FUNERAL service is finally to be held in Sheffield tomorrow for a former city woman and her two young children found murdered nine months ago.

Joy Small, aged 24, who grew up in Woodhouse and whose father lives in Mosborough, was killed by her ex-partner in February.

Aram Abdul Razaq Aziz, 32, also murdered their three-year-old son Aubarr and daughter Chanara, two.

Their bodies were found in their home in Leicester following the discovery the day before of Aziz’s body, hanging at Watermead Country Park, Leicestershire.

Aziz was branded an ‘abusive monster’ by one of Joy’s friends following the discovery of the bodies of Joy and her children.

It was claimed Aziz regularly beat Joy and once poured petrol over her and tried to set her alight.

Joy, who also had another child from a previous marriage, was said to have been so frightened of Aziz she had a panic alarm installed in her flat.

The IPCC launched a probe into the deaths after it also emerged Leicestershire Police had been contacted eight times between 2006 and 2010 over allegations of harassment and domestic abuse.

The findings of the inquiry have not yet been published, but have been passed to Leicestershire Police and the coroner due to hold inquests into the deaths.

The funeral service for Joy and her children is to be held at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium at 11.15am tomorrow.

Joy’s uncle Robert Wathall - her father Kevin Wathall’s brother - said the three deaths had devastated the family.

“It has taken a long time for us to be able to finally say goodbye,” he said.

“The deaths of Joy and her two children have absolutely devastated her family.”

Joy was born in Sheffield and lived with her parents and brother and sister in the Woodhouse area, where the children went to school, until their parents split up.

The children moved away to the Grimsby area and Joy eventually settled in Leicester, married, and had her first child.

She later went on to form a relationship with Aziz and gave birth to Aubarr and Chanara.