Four unrestrained children among 10 passengers found in people carrier on M1

Four unrestrained children were among 10 passengers found when police officers stopped a people carrier on the M1 near Barnsley.

By Claire Lewis
Friday, 07 June, 2019, 07:50
Ten people were found in a VW Touran on the M1 near Barnsley

The seven seater Volkswagen Touran was stopped after it was spotted by a detective on the M1 near Barnsley.

Traffic officers were alerted to the vehicle and pulled it over.

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South Yorkshire Police said: “The VW was subsequently stopped and found to be carrying 10 people inside it, including four unrestrained young children who were freely moving around the vehicle – all whilst it was travelling on the motorway.

“To top it off the driver also had no insurance.

“The vehicle was seized and the driver reported to court for a number of offences relating to insurance and the amount of people carried within the vehicle. The mind boggles.”