Former Sheffield United footballer Ched Evans offers cash reward

Ched Evans
Ched Evans
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Former Sheffield United footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans is offering a reward for information in a new bid to help clear his name.

The 23-year-old, who lived on Millhouses Green, Penistone, before he was jailed for rape a year ago, has a legal team trying to secure his release from prison, where he is serving a five year sentence.

A website set up by his supporters, and endorsed with a statement by Evans himself, where he protests his innocence, offers a reward for new evidence which could help him clear his name.

Retired detective John Bateman posts his mobile number on the website for people to reach him on.

The website says Evans maintains his ‘absolute innocence’ and described his conviction as ‘a gross miscarriage of justice’.

It says: “This website endeavours to redress that balance by presenting the evidence to the public in a balanced and accurate way in order that people can assess the salient facts of this case and make their own judgement as to whether the jury’s decision in this case was just.

“We would like to state that this website in no way seeks to undermine the seriousness of rape or trivialise the suffering that rape victims suffer. We recognise that rape is a terrible crime which, if committed, ought to carry a severe sentence.

“This website is not about the severity of the sentence, we are stating Ched did not commit the crime of rape at all.”

Evans was convicted of rape after a trial on the basis he had sexual intercourse with a woman in a hotel room when she was too drunk to consent.

The footballer was on a night out on Rhyl, North Wales, with friends when the incident took place.