Football supporters in South Yorkshire to be reported for bad language

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FOOTBALL fans are being urged to report fellow supporters for using foul and racially abusive language.

The ‘Don’t Stand For It’ campaign will encourage fans to use a text message number, to be issued next season, to report those using bad language.

Barnsley Football Club and police in the town are behind the initiative.

Fans will be asked to text the seat number that the fan they are reporting is sitting in and staff will be sent to talk to them or they will be videoed for possible legal proceedings.

A police spokesman said: “The club has always been very pro-active in this kind of thing and there already is a system in place where people can report problems - but this usually happens after the event, which sometimes is unfortunately too late.

“It should make people think twice about their behaviour in the ground - it isn’t about catching people out. It’s about making football enjoyable for everyone.”

“The club is keen to promote itself as being family friendly.”