Fly-tipper is caught in act

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A MAN has been fined £615 for fly-tipping building waste.

John Mellor, of Race Street, Barnsley, pleaded guilty to the Environmental Protection Act offence after he was caught in the act dumping waste on Black Lane, Hoyland, which is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

A member of the public contacted the council on his phone as the tipping happened.

Mellor was asked to speak to a council officer on the phone, and he agreed to clear up the mess he had made.

Coun Roy Miller, Barnsley Council’s spokesman for Development, Environment and Culture, said: “Barnsley Council would encourage any member of the public who witnesses fly-tipping to come forward with information.

“Regulatory Services would like to thank the member of the public who came forward in this case, and assure everyone we will take action against fly-tippers wherever we can.

“Fly-tipping is a serious offence, it ruins any area where it is found. In this case it was an area of natural beauty.”