Firearms amnesty hailed a success in Derbyshire

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More than 100 firearms and a grenade were handed in during the first week of an amnesty.

Operation Thunder started on Monday, October 27 and aims to reduce the number of guns in circulation across Derbyshire to prevent them falling into the wrong hands and being used to commit crimes.

The amnesty, which runs until Friday, means people can safely dispose of any guns or ammunition that they no longer want, do not need, or should not have in the first place.

They can be handed in at police stations across Derbyshire.

Within hours of the surrender operation launching, three starting pistols were handed in, as well as a BB gun, an air pistol and 20 rounds of ammunition from a French Army issue World War Two era rifle.

A total of 107 firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition were handed in during the first week.

The cache of weapons include a stun gun, shotguns, air rifles, dozens of pistols and starter pistols and more than 20 toy BB guns.

Temporary Chief Inspector Shaun Skelton said: “The volume of firearms of all types, along with the ammunition we have had handed in, shows just how invaluable surrender operations such as this can be.

“It doesn’t matter if the firearms are real, imitations, antiques, or fully licensed guns that the licence holder no longer needs – we want them all to be handed in.

“Every weapon that we have received is one less that a criminal can get their hands on and use to commit crime.”