Fire service to withdraw high volume pumps from flood-hit Doncaster village today

Farmers help emergency services rescue people from their homes in Fishlake.Farmers help emergency services rescue people from their homes in Fishlake.
Farmers help emergency services rescue people from their homes in Fishlake.
The fire service is set to withdraw their high volume pumps from a flood-hit Doncaster village later today, but say firefighters will remain in place to pump out water from properties and gardens.

Many people living in Fishlake will be living with the continuing impact of the floods, which hit the village after torrential rain began to fall on November 7, for months to come.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said they plan to withdraw their high volume pumps from the village later today.

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A spokesman said: “Our support for all those affected by flooding in our region continues. Later today we'll be withdrawing our high volume pumps from Fishlake...But we've still got firefighters there pumping out water from properties and gardens.”

EA spokesman John Curtin said 38 pumps have been used in Fishlake, adding that all houses in the village should be free of water by Sunday.

Council workers and other agencies have been in the village since the floods first hit 10 days ago.

There has been no phone and no internet. Some properties had no electricity after some of the junction boxes blew up. A substation has had to be repaired.

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Some residents have lost everything in the floods, and others will be waiting for months to be able return home.

In just a matter of days, a total of £286,377.23 has been raised for the South Yorkshire flood disaster relief appeal.

It was set up by the South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF) on November 7.

Speaking on Twitter, a spokesman for Doncaster Council said: “Wow! Over £285,000 has been raised by the local community, local businesses and beyond to support those affected by the flooding.

“A huge thank you to everyone involved.”

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Army soldiers had been working since Wednesday to lay down sandbags and firm up flood defences in the area and in neighbouring Stainforth, but have since been removed.

Doncaster Council said 970 homes and businesses in the town had been affected since the rain started on November 7.

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose response to the floods has been criticised by some of those affected, announced that the worst-impacted households and businesses would be eligible for immediate relief on their council tax and business rates.