‘Find bottles’ plea after
theft of milkman’s car

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The owner of Sheffield family firm Our Cow Molly has appealed for people to keep an eye out for milk bottles stolen in a car theft.

Milkman Nigel Sherratt was delivering milk to houses in Stannington when his Land Rover Discovery – containing more than 100 bottles of milk from the firm’s farm and ice cream parlour based in Dungworth – was stolen almost two weeks ago.

No trace of the maroon vehicle or its contents has been seen since, despite an appeal on Twitter going viral with the support of hundreds of people.

Sheffield cab firm Mercury Taxis has also asked all of its drivers to keep a look-out for the vehicle.

Eddie Andrews, of Our Cow Molly, said: “We’ve not heard of anyone spotting any bottles or orange crates anywhere.

“It’s that I can’t understand.

“You would think if they had wanted the car then the bottles would be smashed by the side of the road somewhere.

“They are probably worth only 30p a bottle, but it is just a shame because we recycle them all the time. They are used again and again, and now they have been wasted.

“The Land Rover was covered by insurance so we have that sorted.

“But if anybody does see any of the bottles or delivery crates around, we would ask them to get in touch with us and let us know.”

The bottles in the car were branded with the Our Cow Molly name and some were up to 17 years old.

Thieves struck on the morning of Saturday, September 7.

n Anybody who spots a milk bottle or crate is asked to call Our Cow Molly at Cliffe House Farm on 0114 233 2683 or tweet @OurCowMolly