Fathers-to-be jailed for dealing in drugs

Mir Hussain convicted drug dealer
Mir Hussain convicted drug dealer
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TWO dads-to-be will miss the births of their children after they were jailed for a total of nine years for their parts in a plot to deal cocaine and cannabis.

Drug dealers Hussain Mir and Kyle Burgin, both aged 24, were jailed for six years and three years respectively by a judge at Sheffield Crown Court.

Kyle Burgin convicted of drug dealing

Kyle Burgin convicted of drug dealing

As the sentences were handed down, Mir’s heavily pregnant partner, who is due to give birth tomorrow, fled the public gallery in tears.

Judge Michael Murphy QC said: “I have to tell you that I find this is not basic, low level dealing – this was at a higher level than that.

“Involvement in the supply of Class A drugs is a serious threat to our society.

“You are both expectant fathers and it’s a nightmare for fathers and mothers in the 21st century that their children might resort to Class A drugs and ruin their lives and those of all the people who love them – therefore you must be punished for your involvement in this conspiracy.”

Andrew Hatton, prosecuting, said the men were dealing cocaine which they hid at Burgin’s mother’s flat on Ironside Road, Gleadless.

They were caught after Burgin’s mother’s partner discovered the stash of drugs in a padlocked metal box.

He became suspicious when Burgin started coming to the flat regularly, going straight upstairs to his room and staying only for a short time.

Mr Hatton said: “Burgin showed him the inside of the strong box and bragged he and Mir were dealing in large quantities of cocaine.”

But Burgin’s mother’s partner reported them to police when Mir accused him of stealing some of the cocaine.

Officers found a tub of cutting agent, scales, plastic bags, a bag containing pure cocaine, a bowl used to mix the drugs and a press for cutting and pressing the drugs into small discs.

When Mir was arrested officers found two large bags of cannabis in his car.

When they arrested Burgin, he had £990 in cash stuffed down his sock.

Mir, now of Hounslow, London, who has previous convictions for violence and possessing cannabis with intent to supply, was found guilty of conspiring to supply cocaine and cannabis and was jailed for six years.

The court was told he was ‘distraught’ he would miss the birth of his first child.

Abdul Iqbal, defending Burgin, of North Road, Clowne, north Derbyshire, said his mother was a chronic drug user and he was in debt to others.

He pleaded guilty on the day of the trial and was locked up for three years.