Family fears over car fires in Sheffield

Burnt out Toyota Supra car belonging to Craig Micheli
Burnt out Toyota Supra car belonging to Craig Micheli
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A man fears for the safety of his family after two arson attacks outside his home in four days.

Craig Micheli, aged 35, lost his 21-year-old Toyota Supra after it was torched in the early hours while he and his family slept.

Three days earlier, his partner’s Toyota Celica was also damaged in another arson attack in the dead of night.

Craig fears the fires are part of a ‘personal vendetta’ against him, coming just one month after joyriders stole his customised car – a second-hand hearse he had spent 18 months converting into a replica of the Ecto-1 car made famous in the Ghostbusters film.

The car was taken from outside Craig’s family home on Masters Crescent, Parson Cross, and later used as a battering ram to enter Longley Park.

It was then dumped, damaged beyond repair.

Craig said today that he is concerned that two more family cars have been targeted.

“The first car to be damaged was my partner’s Toyota Celica, which was parked between two gas mains adjacent to our property – anything could have happened,” he said.

“We were woken by neighbours banging on our door to alert us to the fire.

“It looks like someone prised open the passenger window and put something on the front seat which was set alight, damaging all the interior and all the items inside, including two car seats, kids’ coats and a football for the park.

“On Wednesday we were woken up by the sound of a car horn sounding and when we looked outside we saw my Toyota Supra – a 21-year-old classic car – engulfed in flames.”

He said he is worried what might happen next.

“I think it must be a personal vendetta, but where is it going to stop?” he said.

“I am worried about the safety of my family.”

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.