Faces of 19 men jailed over gun crime at Sheffield Crown Court in 2023

The 19 criminals pictured here were jailed by Sheffield judges in 2023 for their part in gun crime carried out on South Yorkshire's streets.

As South Yorkshire Police work to take firearms off our streets, pictured here are the criminals who were jailed for gun crime in 2023.

The force set up an armed crime team back in 2020 in response to what was described as a 'notable increase' in shootings taking place in South Yorkshire.

Data released in July 2023 showed there had been a shocking 38 per cent rise in the number of offences recorded over the last year.

In total, the number of firearm offences recorded by South Yorkshire Police (SYP) jumped from 242 in the year to March 2022, to 334 in the year ending March 2023.

South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, said firearm offences were therefore the crime area for which he had 'the most concern'.

"This is an increase from 242 offences to 334. This is higher than the 22 per cent increase in the Yorkshire and Humberside region and much higher than the figure for England and Wales as a whole at 13 per cent.

This is concerning and illustrates the importance of the work that the police Armed Crime Team is doing," said Dr Billings.

Possession of a firearm carries a minimum mandatory sentence of five years.

Each of the defendants have been jailed during hearings held at Sheffield Crown Court throughout 2023, after being convicted of offences relating to gun crime.

To report a crime, call South Yorkshire Polioce on 101.

Call 999 in an emergency.

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