Extra police in town for National Front protest

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ANOTHER huge police presence is expected in Rotherham on Saturday because of fears that the National Front and Unite Against Fascism could stage protest events.

South Yorkshire Police has been approached by a National Front representative about the possibility of a ‘protest demonstrartaion’ and the police and Rotherham Council have been approached by United Against Fascism about thw possibility of a counter event.

Two weeks ago 800 bobbies were on duty when the English Defence League marched through the town in protest at revelations about Asian men grooming children for sex.

The scale of the problem was disclosed in leaked police and council reports.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Both South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council are aware of information and rumours circulating online, through social media and in the community, regarding the possibility of activities by a range of different organisations in the town centre this Saturday.

“We acknowledge and appreciate the uncertainty and concern which this is causing amongst residents and businesses and elsewhere in the community, and we will provide as much information as possible as it becomes available.

“However, unlike the circumstances of two weeks ago, there are few confirmed details about exactly what is expected to take place. At this stage, South Yorkshire Police has been approached by a representative of the National Front regarding some form of protest demonstration, although there is no indication that this group wishes to march in the town centre.

“Both South Yorkshire and Rotherham Council have also been approached by United Against Fascism to hold an event in the town centre. There is also the possibility that other groups may also protest in the town.

“The police and council are again working in partnership to prepare for any possible events and contingencies.”