Ex South Yorkshire Police officer jailed for conning pensioners

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A former South Yorkshire Police officer who befriended a 94-year-old woman and stole £24,000 from her has been jailed for six years.

South Yorkshire Police said today former PC Jonathan Webb, aged 45, had ‘brought shame on the whole of the force’ and was an ‘utter disgrace to the uniform’.

A prosecutor said Webb, aged 45, from Sterndale Road, Millhouses, Sheffield, had committed ‘a calculated and despicable series of crimes’.

Leeds Crown Court heard he stole cash from one victim and a set of treasured Second World War medals from another.

His third victim was a 94-year-old lady from whom he stole £24,000.

He also typed a new will in her name and made himself the sole beneficiary of the rest of her estate.

He admitted eleven charges of theft, fraud and forgery.

Detective Superintendent Terry Mann from South Yorkshire Police said: “Sadly, Jonathan Webb was a former officer but I consider him a criminal who fully deserves the sentence imposed upon him.

“I know I speak for all of his former colleagues that he was an utter disgrace to the uniform.

“He has brought shame to the whole of South Yorkshire Police and the police service nationally.

“He preyed on a most vulnerable victim, choosing to steal her money in a most devious and deceitful way and then, after stealing the money from the burglary tried to plan his way out of it.”

The offences were committed between June and December 2012, while Webb was a serving police officer.

He resigned from the force in May while under investigation.

The court was told the father-of-five had £60,000 in debts.

Alisha Kaye, Crown Advocate with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said: “This was a calculated and despicable series of crimes, committed by Jonathan Webb, who was a serving officer with South Yorkshire Police at the time of the offences.

“Instead of upholding the law, he systematically broke it, using his position as a police officer to gain the trust of his victims.

“He stole cash from one victim.

“He stole a set of treasured Second World War medals from another.

“His third victim was the most vulnerable of all - a 94 year old lady whom Webb deceived and manipulated; gaining control of her finances, and stealing over £24,000 from her.

“He also typed a new will in her name, making himself the sole beneficiary of the rest of her estate.

She added: “It is hard to imagine a more contemptible breach of trust.

“Far from being a pillar of society, Webb has proved himself to be a common criminal.

“I hope the sentence he has received today will bring some measure of closure to his victims.”

Neil Bowles from South Yorkshire Police Federation said: “Jonathan Webb is a criminal and he has been dealt with as such by the criminal justice system.

“The fact that he committed his crimes whilst a serving police officer, compounds the deceit and deceptions of the offences.

“He has disgraced the uniform, let his colleagues and family down, and the public of South Yorkshire to whom he swore an oath to protect.

“The case goes to prove that just because you are a cop does not put you above the law, his crimes were investigated by South Yorkshire Police with such thoroughness, that Webb had no option but to plead guilty.”