Endcliffe Park play area boss ‘kicked man in the face so hard his teeth cracked’

Jon Pullin
Jon Pullin
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A children’s play area boss ran over to a man eating a sandwich and kicked him in the face so hard his teeth cracked, a court heard.

Jonathan Pullin, who works in Endcliffe Park, is also accused of holding Arif Majid down so another man, Jason Marsh, could punch him.

Mr Majid told Sheffield Crown Court: “I got a swollen left cheek, my teeth were cracked, my nose was bloody and quite swollen, and a couple of days later my eyes had closed completely.”

Richard Sheldon, prosecuting, said: “There was an attack, two onto one. The defendant held Mr Majid down as Marsh set upon him.”

Pullin is also accused of making racist comments and going back to Mr Majid to kick him in the mouth. The attack is alleged to have occurred on August 19, 2013. Marsh got a police caution.

Over a year later, on October 3, 2014, Pullin drove past Mr Majid as he stood at a bus stop on Abbeydale Road.

Pullin is accused of getting out of his van and shouting, ‘Come on then, I will knock some more of your teeth in.’ He is then said to have made a racist comment as he drove away.

During Mr Majid’s cross examination, Andrew Smith, for Pullin, said Mr Majid had a restraining order preventing him from making any direct contact with Ashley Charlesworth, the proprietor of Endcliffe Park Cafe.

Mr Smith said: “Of all the parks you could have gone to, you chose to go to Endcliffe Park.”

The court heard although police spent two hours with Mr Majid at the park, there was no mention of any racist abuse until he gave a statement two days later.

Of the 2014 incident, Mr Smith said: “Mr Pullin accepts he was the driver of the van. He says you spat in his face and he also accuses you of making arrangements for him to be threatened.”

The court heard Mr Majid has a previous conviction for perverting the course of justice.

Pullin, aged 45, of Abbeydale Road South, denies one count of assault and one of affray.