Elderly couple praised for helping to save Shiregreen stabbing victim

An elderly couple have been praised for rushing to the aid of a man who had collapsed in the street after being stabbed.

By Lee Peace
Friday, 31 May, 2019, 08:32


The drama unfolded in Renathorpe Road, Shiregreen, yesterday morning when emergency services were called out to reports a 25-year-old man had been stabbed in the stomach. 

Renathorpe Road, scene of an alleged stabbing incident. Picture: NSST-30-05-19-RenathorpeRoad-4

An elderly couple who live on the street told how they looked out of their window to see a man lying helpless on the pavement. 

After hearing his desperate pleas for help they called 999 and rushed out with tea towels and cushions to help stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived. 

A number of Star readers have now taken to Facebook to praise the couple for their actions.  

Renathorpe Road, scene of an alleged stabbing incident. Picture: NSST-30-05-19-RenathorpeRoad-7

Stacy Briggs said: “I hope he recognises the good of the couple who helped him and shows them gratitude when he recovers because if it was not for them he would probably be dead now.”  

Diane Hook added: “Well done to the elderly couple who helped but (it is) sad they have things like this happening on their doorstep, bet they wonder (what) world they’re now living in.”  

Others were dismayed to hear news of yet another stabbing on our city streets. 

Steve Walker posted that it is “scary how many people are willing to take others’ lives” and added: “I remember a time a stabbing was a shocking incident, sadly (it is) commonplace now.” 

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Terri Shaw said it is “sad times we are living in” and added: “Us adults don’t feel safe let alone our kids.”  

One of Thursday’s have-a-go-heroes, a 75-year-old woman who did not want to be named, said: “I looked out and could see this lad on the floor and I shouted for my husband to have a look. 

“He rang for an ambulance and I went straight out. He was holding his stomach and saying: ‘Please can you help me I’ve been stabbed’. 

“They told us down the phone to get something to stop the bleeding so we brought out some tea towels and cushions.” 

Her husband, aged 72, modestly brushed off suggestions that they were both heroes who potentially saved the young man’s life.

He said: “It is just what you do. If you see someone in trouble you should go and help them.” 

Residents said four police cars and two ambulances, plus the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, were scrambled to the area at about 7.30am.  

Police said they were called out to reports of a stabbing and a 25-year-old received stomach injuries.

They added he was taken to Northern General Hospital and “his injuries require surgery but are not believed to be life-threatening.”

Two women have been arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent.