PJ-wearing drunken mum branded 'disgrace' over Doncaster pub brawl shown on TV programme

A pyjama-clad drunken mum who got into a brawl in front of her sobbing children at a Doncaster pub has been branded a ‘disgrace’ after it was shown as part of a new TV series.

Viewers of 999: What’s Your Emergency?, which goes behind the scenes at South Yorkshire Police, saw the moment the mum-of-three scrapped with another woman at The Cumberland on Thorne Road.

And viewers slammed the mum as an ‘absolute disgrace’ after she was seen arguing with police officers called to deal with the fracas.

In the latest episode of the Channel 4 show, police were shown attending to the disturbance between two women at the pub near to Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

The woman was blasted for brawling in front of her children. (Photo: Channel 4).

Shocking CCTV footage showed the mother-of-three 'dragging' a woman by her hair at the pub at around 5pm, before diners rushed to separate the pair.

Officers attending the scene were left shocked to discover the mother, dressed in pyjamas, was surrounded by her three crying children - before she insisted she would not be heading to the police station without them.

“You either take us all as a package or you don't take us at all,” said the mother when officers tried to find somewhere else the children could stay, refusing to hand over contact details for a friend or family member.

Outraged viewers branded the mother an 'absolute disgrace', with one writing: “My god that horror show of a mum, some hard jail time might sort you out.”

The drunken woman was surrounded by her children when police arrived. (Photo: Channel 4).

The brawl was reported to South Yorkshire Police, with an unknown person calling to say: “There's a fight in there between two women, literally one's just ripped the hair off the other.”

When attending the scene, officers found one of the women, a mother with her three children, sitting outside the pub.

Asked by the officers what had occurred, she said: “What happened were I've been sat with my friend drinking with her and the other girl started mouthing off at me and everything.

“I said ‘you're out of fricking order. She says don't f****** start with me’. You know mouthing off at me. I says ‘if you wanna play it that way, get outside’. She were all big I am ‘yeah, yeah, I'll come outside’.”

The woman got into a brawl at The Cumberland in front of her children. (Photo: Channel 4).

One of the officers attending replied: “Why do you want to drag someone outside when your kids are out here and start fighting with her?”

The woman replied: “She's sat there laughing at me. What's the problem?”, before the officer said: “You're the one antagonising her and telling her to come outside.”

Continuing her account, the mother said: “So when she wouldn't come outside, I did what I said I were gonna do.

“I dragged her out by her hair and apparently it knocked one of their highchairs over but have a look at CCTV, it wasn't me that knocked the highchair over. It was the other lass when I were dragging her through.”

Police were called to The Cumberland in the latest episode of 999: What's Your Emergency?

An officer reporting on the scene said afterwards that he was “quite shocked” about the incident.

He said: “She'd brought her three children down, in the freezing cold, to the pub. She was intoxicated but just so calm in admitting straight off the bat what's gone on, that doesn't usually happen.”

The police officer added: “The mother had said to us that she'd been provoked but from watching the CCTV back, it doesn't seem to be any provoking.”

The mother was arrested and asked if there was anyone else to look after her children, who were crying next to her, while she was taken to the police station

However, she refused to leave her children, explaining: “You either take us all as a package or you don't take us at all.”

PC Ben Gill said afterwards: “Part of me thinks they were her get out of jail free card, ‘I've got my children with me, nothing's going to happen’.”

One viewer said: “My jaw is on the floor with these women... as a parent and someone who works with offenders, shocked... poor kids, my heart is breaking for them.”

Another added: “I don't know why I'm surprised that someone out drinking with her three kids in tow while wearing pyjama bottoms and being arrested for fighting isn't comforting her crying children.”

A third wrote on Twitter: “Can't watch much more of this series. Heartbreaking when kids are involved.”

A fourth said: “All the times I've took my kids to the pub for a roast on a Sunday and I've never once got hammered and ragged someones hair out! Poor kids seeing that.”