Driver ‘screaming along’ outside lane of Sheffield Parkway told cops he was ‘late for gym’

A man stopped by traffic cops for the standard of his driving on two motorways and the Sheffield Parkway told officers he was ‘late for the gym’.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 2:16 pm

South Yorkshire Police said officers in an unmarked car first spotted the 4x4 on the M18 heading towards Sheffield.

The force said the vehicle was ‘screaming along the outside lane’ and ‘shot across at the last minute to take the exit onto the M1 north’.

It was said to have been so close to the car in front it was ‘close to touching the bumper’.

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Police officers pulled over a 4x4 on the Sheffield Parkway for dangerous driving

It was then followed onto the Sheffield Parkway, where the same standard of driving continue.

The force said: “We were more than happy to give the driver enough time to demonstrate their general attitude to driving, we loosely followed them onto the Sheffield Parkway, during which time they repeated the same behaviour on a couple of occasions, driving far close to the cars in front than was safe.

“Just before we got to the Catcliffe junction on the Sheffield Parkway, the blue lights and sirens came on and the driver pulled over, just off the Parkway.

“Clearly not content with the points they must have known they were looking at, the driver brought their car to a stop and then got distracted looking for something in their car. Thankfully our colleagues had parked close to the rear of it, so that when it rolled backwards and hit the police car because the driver had forgotten to apply their handbrake, there was only a small amount of damage caused to our respective bumpers.

“Having done their best to maximise the number of points they were going to get, the driver was very apologetic and explained that they don’t usually drive like that – no one ever does – but they were late for a gym appointment.

“Having checked the big book of excuses and manual of guidance for blue light escorts and confirming that being late for the gym was not in either, the driver was reported on summons careless and inconsiderate driving, driving without due care and attention and sent on their way.”

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