Driver gets glass shards in eye as missile thrown at train

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A TRAIN driver was rushed to hospital with glass in his eye after a missile was hurled at his cab and shattered the window as he travelled through Sheffield.

The driver was passing through Ecclesfield when his train came under attack.

Police do not know what missile was used but say it was powerful enough to shatter both skins of the glass cab protecting the driver.

Shards of the glass then flew into the driver’s eye.

The missile was hurled from Butterthwaite Lane bridge and an investigation has been launched to find the culprit or gang responsible.

Pc Richard Ward, from British Transport Police, said: “The missile was lodged in the glass, preventing it from entering the train, but the shattered glass showered the driver, hitting him in the eye.

“Throwing objects at trains is a serious offence and we will arrest anyone found committing such an act. Unfortunately, the driver was injured and had to be taken to hospital where he was treated.

“There is always potential for a serious accident or injury being caused by crimes such as this.

Richard Allan, from Northern Rail, said: “Thankfully, our colleague did not suffer any serious damage in the attack on this train but this was a serious incident.”