Driver detained over suspected fuel theft in South Yorkshire had two-year-old in car

A driver detained by police in South Yorkshire over suspected fuel theft had a two-year-old in the car.

Friday, 23rd April 2021, 8:20 am

Police described how they found the youngster in the back of a Fiat Panda ‘restraining’ an empty 25-litre container which smelled of diesel after the vehicle was stopped in Maltby, Rotherham, in the early hours of Tuesday.

The car had no insurance, two sets of false plates were found inside, the tyres were badly worn and the driver’s side windscreen wiper was not working, they added.

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False plates and an empty container smelling of diesel were found inside this Fiat Panda believed to have been involved in the theft of fuel from petrol stations across South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire

Posting on Faceook, a member of South Yorkshire Police’s operational support unit said: “Apoplectic at the flagrant disregard for construction and use regulations, the driver was soon on their way to an en-suite room to explain why they thought it was acceptable to drive around with no windscreen wiper.

"That and something about stealing fuel from petrol stations across South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire and stealing number plates from other cars.”