Doncaster: Thief jailed and banned from 80 shops

Robert Greasby
Robert Greasby
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A THIEF who pulled a knife on a man who chased him after seeing his crime has been jailed and banned from 80 Doncaster shops.

Robert Greasby, of Coniston Road, Mexborough, will be banned from the stores when he gets out of jail under the powers of anti-social behaviour order passed down by the judge who sent him to prison.

The 27-year-old was sentenced to 15 months in jail at Doncaster Crown Court after admitting theft from a shop and posession of a bladed article.

Greasby had entered a supermarket on Sandringham Road, Intake, on New Year’s Day this year, and was seen stealing some meat.

The court heard how as he left the store, a man who had witnessed the offence chased him, and was then threatened by Greasby with a knife.

He told him he would stab him if he didn’t stay back,

Greasby then ran off and was arrested later that day.

PC Jules Moss, from the Doncaster police anti-social behaviour team, said: “This is a good result and shows how shoplifting and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated in Doncaster.

“We now have a Retail Crime team, who solely work on reducing offences of shoplifting and dealing with the people who commit this crime, and the anti-social behaviour team will work closely alongside them to ensure Doncaster remains a safe place for people to live and visit.”

Police say the list of shops from which he is banned may have grown by the time he is released.