Doncaster burglary crackdown hailed a success

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A crackdown on burglary in a Doncaster suburb has been hailed a success, with police chiefs claiming thieves are ‘thinking twice’ about operating in the area.

Operation Dauphin was launched at the beginning of April and involves South Yorkshire Police, Doncaster Council and housing providers, including St Leger Homes, pooling their resources to combat burglary in Balby.

They hope to eventually roll it out in other areas of the town.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Jackson said: “By working together we can utilise all our resources to tackle a crime that has blighted the residents of Balby for too long.

“We are able to share information that allows us to focus our activities in the right areas and concentrate on the prolific offenders that are responsible for these crimes.

“The key to this operation is to drive down burglary, and keep it down.”

Police and council staff are handing out crime prevention advice to residents to help them avoid becoming victims of crime.

Both overt and covert policing tactics are being used as well as high visibility patrols.

Det Ch Insp Jackson added: “The work in Balby isn’t just a short burst of activity; it is based around a long-term plan and we are in the very early days of the operation.

“We will continue our work to build upon this strong start, however while we are focussing on Balby initially, I can reassure the residents of Doncaster that we are by no means taking our eye off the ball with other areas of the town.

“Keeping people safe is a priority for us and we will do our utmost to protect our communities and prosecute those who choose to commit these crimes.”

Dave Hamilton, Doncaster Council’s Director of Health and Wellbeing, said: “I am pleased to see that Operation Dauphin is already bringing down the number of burglaries in the Balby area.

“Doncaster Council works closely with South Yorkshire Police and other agencies through the Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership to reduce crime across the borough.

“This operation is sending a strong message to would-be burglars who should think twice before targeting Balby and other areas of Doncaster.”