Disappointment at Amazon selling garments depicting police brutality

The chairman of South Yorkshire’s Police Federation has expressed his disappointment at internet giant Amazon selling garments depicting police brutality.

Tuesday, 23rd June 2020, 2:06 pm

Sergeant Steve Kent has joined a number of other police officers in sharing an online petition calling for Amazon to stop selling the items.

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South Yorkshire Police Federation chairman Steve Kent. Picture Scott Merrylees

In a Facebook post to Federation members, he said: “Today I have seen a number of our colleagues share this petition. And yes they are still for sale in the UK online.

“The notion that every police officer is a murderer based on the disgraceful actions of the tiniest measurable minority is no different in its complete illogical stupidity to the ignorant stereotypes that lead to so much hate in society and throughout the world.

“I would encourage anyone reading this who is appalled by this to consider signing this.

“I would suggest people who say ‘all’ police are this and that, need to pick up a dictionary – any will do ... even a child’s dictionary may suffice - and look up the word ‘hypocrisy’.

“It is disgusting the utter lack of respect officers putting their lives on the line day in day out get from a minority but a large portion of the public.”

Chelsie Stevenson, who started the petition, said the items on sale could ‘cause a larger divide than what already exists’.

She said: “It's unfair, unjust and offensive to stereotype someone because of their profession and because of the limited number of bad cops.”

Visit Change.org to sign the petition.