Derbyshire Police issue advice to holidaymakers

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Detectives have issued advice on how to avoid falling victim to holiday booking frauds.

According to statistics from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, fraudsters stole an estimated £7 million from holiday makers in 2013.

Victims are often scammed by fraudulent advertisements of holiday villas and apartments.

Detective Inspector Rob King, Head of the Derbyshire Police’s Economic Crime Unit, said: “Families work hard to save up for their holiday and fraudsters are taking advantage of this by offering deals that seem too good to miss.

“The most common scams reported related to holiday accommodation, airline tickets and package holidays, particularly around group, sport and religious packages.

“Thankfully, by following some simple yet effective steps, you can enjoy your holiday without falling victim to holiday booking scams.

“Firstly, always do your research and check that the company and the website address that you are using are legitimate and have not been altered, such as changing from .com to .org.

“Secondly, check whether the company that you are using is a member of a recognised trade body such as A.”