Derbyshire police in ‘legal highs’ warning

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‘Legal doesn’t necessarily mean safe or legal’ when referring to so-called ‘legal highs’, police in Derbyshire have warned.

It comes after a woman taking such a substance was banned from driving.

Derbyshire Police is issuing the advice to warn users about the dangers of using new psychoactive substances.

Last month, a 20-year-old woman was convicted of dangerous driving at after she admitted driving under the influence of psychoactive substances.

She was handed a 12-month driving ban, 12 month community order, a fine and 54 hours’ unpaid work after crashing into two parked vehicles on Hayfield Road in Birch Vale, on the edge of the Peak District, in March.

Police are advising ‘legal high’ users many substances being taken are new and have not been tested to see what effects they would have.

A force spokesman said: “Many of the products are marked as ‘not for human consumption’, or ‘research chemicals’.

“In some cases, the substances being sold on the internet as ‘legal highs’ have been found to contain illegal drugs.

“Users should be aware they are risking criminal convictions if found with an illegal drug, whether they think it is legal or not.

“Officers have investigated shops and websites selling these substances to see if any offences have been committed and will continue to do so.

“This concern spreads to the illicit market where illegal drugs are regularly found to contain a different substance to what the buyer is expecting.

“Officers are issuing advice to enforce two simple messages. Firstly, legal doesn’t necessarily mean safe and secondly, legal may not actually mean legal.”