Derbyshire motorists caught out not wearing their seatbelts

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A police operation caught out 27 motorists who were driving without wearing a seatbelt.

Officers from Derbyshire Police worked with the Casualty Reduction and Enforcement Support Team, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and HM Revenue and Customs in an action day to target unsafe driving in Killamarsh.

Fixed penalty notices and warnings were given to 27 people not wearing a seatbelt, 13 for using their mobile phone while behind the wheel, 14 for defective tyres and one driver for not having the correct driving licence.

Nine were also ordered to remove their window tints as they were below the legal visibility levels, one vehicle was stopped because it was overweight and one was stopped because it was carrying an insecure load.

Three vehicles were seized for having no insurance.

Sergeant Russ Rawson said: “Our aim is to remind motorists of their responsibilities behind the wheel, which include making sure their vehicles are roadworthy, driving safely and with respect for local speed limits.”