Dangerous Sheffield driver fled from police in high-speed pursuit before crashing into another motorist

A dangerous driver fled from police in a high-speed pursuit before he crashed into another motorist and her young daughter.

Wednesday, 9th September 2020, 12:23 pm

Sheffield Crown Court heard on September 7 how Neil Patrick Turner, aged 43, of Crookesmoor Road, Crookesmoor, Sheffield, failed to stop for police while he was driving a Mercedes 4x4 vehicle on Bradfield Road, Sheffield.

James Gould, prosecuting, said: “Mr Turner failed to stop his vehicle as required and set off at speed during the course of a pursuit, cutting through traffic, mounting a kerb at a crossroads with built-up traffic, driving over a kerb and with an on-coming vehicle coming his way.

"He was driving at excessive speeds. At times at twice the speed limit.”

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A dangerous driver who crashed into another motorist as he fled from police in a high-speed pursuit is due to be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court.

A motorist and her eight-year-old daughter had just moved through a green traffic light, according to Mr Gould, on Halifax Road, Sheffield, when her Toyota vehicle was jolted by Turner's vehicle and was pushed into railings and the vehicle spun as she tried to avoid the railings and she was struck a second time by the defendant’s vehicle.

Mr Gould added: “She described how she and her daughter were screaming and the window shattered and they were both covered in glass and paramedics were called.”

The motorist stated she has suffered with a loss of confidence as a result of the collision and her daughter had suffered nightmares.

Other police officers approached Turner, according to Mr Gould, as he was trying to re-start his vehicle and he was aggressive towards one of the officers and threatened to kill him and he was detained but not before he made a further threat to kill the police officer.

Turner, who has previous convictions but none for driving offences, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after the incident in April, last year.

Recorder Abdul Iqbal QC adjourned the case until Wednesday, September 9, to allow him and the defence to see the police dashcam footage of the pursuit prior to sentencing.

He said: “I have not viewed the footage and the defence has not viewed the footage and especially where there is a collision, it would inform me to see the nature of that collision.”