Dangerous dog bit a nurse in 'terrifying' attack in Doncaster, court hears

The owner of a dangerous dog that attacked a nurse in Doncasterhas been given a suspended prison sentence and told the animal will be destroyed.

Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 11:45 am
Updated Monday, 23rd March 2020, 1:12 pm

Sheffield Crown Court heard on March 17 how Christopher Howe, 38, admitted being in charge of a dangerous dog that was out of control after the attack at the home of his partner’s mother on Everton Road, Doncaster.

Zaiban Alam, prosecuting, said the nurse had accessed the property by using a key safe as arranged but the dog called Bodge, which was believed to be behind a padlocked gate in the garden, attacked her.

Ms Alam said: “As she entered the front door the dog appeared at the front door barking and snapping at her and stuck it’s head through a closing door and lunged at her and was rearing on its hind legs and grabbing her lanyard and pulling it off.

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Sheffield Crown Court

“She tried to get away but it bit her arm and several places around her body and she got hold of the dog by its neck.”

A relative of the defendant took control of the dog, according to Ms Alam.

The complainant suffered multiple injuries including puncture wounds.

She stated the attack was terrifying and she cannot bear being near dogs and she fears she will be left scarred.

Pamela Coxon, defending, said the incident had been a momentary lapse while the defendant, of Rydal Crescent, Peterlee, County Durham, was upstairs and his partner was outside having a cigarette.

Judge David Dixon told Howe: “On this particular day a nurse visited the property and as far as she was aware she followed safety procedures but they weren’t enough and the dog attacked her.”

Judge Dixon sentenced Howe to four months of custody suspended for 12 months with a restraint order banning him from owning an animal for nine months.

He must pay costs and a victim surcharge.

Judge Dixon also ordered that the dog should be destroyed within 14 days.

He added: “It presents a danger to public safety and there will be a formal order of destruction in the dog’s case.”