Court round-up: Latest convictions at Sheffield, Doncaster Barnsley and Chesterfield magistrates' courts

The following were convicted at Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chesterfield magistrates' courts between February 7 and February 10.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 15th February 2017, 12:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:34 pm
News from the courts
News from the courts


All addresses are Sheffield unless otherwise stated.

Paul Anthony Middlebrooke: aged 46, of Whitehouse Lane, Langsett Estate. Theft of £83 of power tools and £90 of goods from Wilko. Eight week curfew between 7am-7pm.

Tiffany Carmichael: aged 28, of Prince of Wales Hotel, Princes Street, Masbrough. Theft of 32” television from Tesco. Fourteen day curfew between 7am-7pm.

Harry Greaves-Wright: aged 21, of Colley Avenue, Parson Cross. Using threatening behaviour, assault, criminal damage. Five months concurrent suspended sentence for 24 months and 80 hours unpaid work within the next 12 months.

Ehren George Hudson: aged 19, of St Lawrence Road, Tinsley. Assault and carrying a bladed weapon. Jailed for 12 weeks. Compensation £200.

Grzegorz Lukasz Kuznicki: aged 34, of Selwyn Street, Eastwood. Assault by beating. Community order of 60 hours unpaid work within 12 months. Costs £85.

John Paul Dodds: aged 31, of Crossfield Lane, Skellow. Assault. Thirty day ‘Building Better Relationships’ community order. Costs £85.

Brendon Samuel Broughton: aged 43, of Beech Crescent, Killamarsh. Drink driving. Community order of 100 hours unpaid work within 12 months. Costs £85. Disqualified from driving for 24 months.

Jaroslaw Dukszta: aged 42, of Carwood Grove, Pitsmoor. Drink driving. Fined £250. Costs £85. Disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Jade Hodson: aged 28, of Master Road. Benefit fraud. Community order for 120 hours of unpaid work within 12 months. Costs £45.

Joseph Jon Sharkey: aged 27, of Turnesc Grove, Thurnscoe. Counterfeit money and drug possession. Compensation £80. Costs £45

Levi Eamon Anthony Watson: ahed 25, of Scotia Drive. Drug possession and possession of an offensive weapon. Jailed for 26 weeks.

Shaquille Longmore: aged 22, of Malvern Road. Possession of a knife. Jailed for 26 weeks suspended for 24 months. Costs £85.

Martin Patrick Higgins: aged 40, of Cheetham Drive, Maltby. Assault by beating. Community order to carry our 40 hours unpaid work within 12 months. Restraining order. Cosats £85.

David Knight: aged 47, of Everingham Close, Longley. Carrying an offensive weapon, criminal damage, assault. Twelve weeks suspended sentence for 12 months. Compensation £100. Costs £150.

Chelsea Leigh Mitchell: aged 28, of Skelwood Road, Sincobank. Theft. Jailed for four weeks. Compensation £35.

Lisa Marie Mullen: aged 31, of Elliott Court, Rotherham. Theft. Rehabilitation order. Fined £15.

Marie Ann Balfour: aged 66, of Broadlands Close, Owlthorpe. Drink driving. Fined £450. Costs £85. Disqualified from driving for three years.

Angela Gillian Clark: aged 34, of Manor Park Centre. Theft. Drug rehabilitation order. Sixteen weeks suspended sentence. Compensation £200.

Hammaad Muhammed: aged 20, of Mount Street, Masbrough. Out of control dog. Three month curfew between 7am-8pm. Animal must be muzzled and kept on a lead at all times, and must be castrated. Compensation £1,500. Costs £500.

Lee Michael Grantham: aged 34, of Avdondale Road, Masbrough. Theft. Jailed for 12 weeks. Compensation £59.33.

Martin Wainwright: aged 35, of Skelwith Road, Grimesthorpe. Theft. Sixteen week suspended sentence. Compensation £162.07.

Daniel Dean Walton: aged 33, of Fircroft Avenue, Shiregreen. Drink driving. Alcohol rehabilitation order. Fined £150. Costs £85. Disqualified from driving for three years.


All addresses are Barnsley unless otherwise stated.

Simon Widera: aged 34, of Goodwin Crescent, Mexborough. Used threatening, abusive, obscene or offensive language whilst travelling by rail between Sheffield and Swinton. Fined £120. Costs £150.

Alan James Lucas: aged 38, of Richard Road, Barnsley. Drunk and disorderly. Fined £100. Costs £300.


All addresses are Doncaster unless otherwise stated.

Colin Franklin Turner: aged 46, of Victoria Road, Balby. Theft of Adidas T-shirts valued at £78 from Intersport Doncaster, and the theft of children’s clothing worth £46 from Peacocks in Doncaster. Committed to prison for 13 weeks suspended for 12 months. Compensation £124.

Andrew James Conn: aged 28, of North Gate, Mexborough. Theft of £20 worth of groceries from Asda. Fined £230. Compensation £20. Costs £50.

Kirsty Louise Cross: aged 28, of Sandford Road, Balby. Theft of a Panasonic 48” television and two speakers. Compensation £800. Sixteen weeks suspended sentence for 12 months. Curfew of 12 months between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

Kyle Mason: aged 21, of Bankwood Crecent, Rossington. Assault by beating and destroying a Skoda Octavia motor car. Jailed for 26 weeks. Compensation £325.39.


All addresses are Chesterfield unless otherwise stated.

Damian Adam Round: aged 37, of no fixed abode. Trespassing with intent to steal. Jailed for 18 weeks.

Daniel Lee Parkes: aged 40, of Duke Street, Whittington Moor. Threatening behaviour. Fined £25. Costs £100.

Michael McCann: aged 31, care of Dover Street, Creswell. Criminal damage. Fined £80. Compensation £100.

Richard Harry Musgrove: aged 37, of Talbot Crescent. Breach of criminal behaviour order. Four weeks suspended sentence for six months. Costs £85.

Mark Anthony Seery: aged 33, of East Crescent, Duckmanton. Threatening behaviour. Jailed for 48 days. Compensation £100.

Tommy Shaw: aged 19, of Bracken Road, Shirebrook. Criminal damage. Committed to detention in a young offenders’ institution for sixteen weeks.

Joshua Hudson: aged 23, of Oakamoor Close, Holme Hall. Non-payment of a fine. Thirty five days suspended sentence.

Kyle Alan Tuck: aged 18, of Queen’s Walk, Holmewoodfield.Grievous bodily harm. Eighteen months detention and training order.

James Kirk: aged 20, of Winchester Road, Newbold. Assault by beating and possessing an offensive weapon. Four months suspended sentence for 18 months. Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Eighty hours of unpaid work.

Sadie Hutchinson: aged 21, of John Street, Creswell. Assault a police officer. Fined £120. Compensation £50.