Couple kicked off Sheffield bus after hurling racist abuse at ‘Eastern European woman’

A couple were kicked off a Sheffield bus after ‘hurling racist abuse at an Eastern European woman’ before telling her to ‘go back home’.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 14:48 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd July 2019, 16:45 pm

Shocked commuters watched on as the couple reportedly began berating the woman on the bus as they travelled through Sharrow.

One eye-witness said she first noticed the man jabbing his finger into the woman’s face before launching into a furious tirade.

She said: “I hadn’t noticed what was going on at first as I had my headphones in and I was listening to music.

Woman kicked off bus in Sheffield

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“I just happened to look up and could see him jabbing his finger near her face. I took my headphones off and then heard his partner telling her to go back home.

“She started saying how they were taking all the benefits and that she can’t speak English.”

After this, the commuter said she interjected and told the couple to leave the ‘Eastern European woman’ alone.

She added that, after the woman got off the bus, the couple then directed their hateful, racist comments at her.

“I told the couple to leave the poor woman alone but, as soon as she got off the bus, they turned their attention towards me,” she explained.

“They told me I was a f******* p*** and that I should go back home before blocking me from leaving my seat.

“Eventually the bus driver stopped the bus and the police came to escort them off.”

The woman said that racist outbursts like these happen daily across Sheffield and leave victims feeling socially isolated.

“I’m an anti-knife crime campaigner and spend my time raising awareness with mothers about the rise of youth violence.

“We see many mothers who are socially and culturally isolated and one of the reasons is that they suffer daily taunts from racist individuals.

“It’s so disappointing because we are meant to be a City of Sanctuary; a tolerant and diverse city."

South Yorkshire Police has been approached for a comment.