Conmen stole OAP’s savings

Dean Greenhoff - convicted of conspiracy to steal
Dean Greenhoff - convicted of conspiracy to steal
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Two conmen are behind bars for using a Sheffield pensioner as a ‘cash cow’ and fleecing him of £56,000 over six years.

Bogus builders Dean Greenhoff and Daniel Firth, along with others, preyed on 84-year-old Geoffrey Plumb by convincing him to invest in a savings plan with the promise of a £90,000 return for a modest investment.

Daniel Firth - convicted of conspiracy to steal

Daniel Firth - convicted of conspiracy to steal

They also got him to invest in a bogus payment plan to cover repairs to his home, which were never carried out, and when he ran out of money they persuaded the OAP to take out loans so they could steal even more of his cash.

They used the money to fund their heroin and drink habits.

Sentencing the pair at Sheffield Crown Court, Recorder Duncan Smith said: “When rogue elements such as you come along it upsets the majority of people to the point that they look to the courts for assistance and guidance as to how they should continue,” said the judge.

“All I can do is send out a message to society that I will represent the people of this country in calling for tough measures for people who act in this way.

“This was a sickening offence perpetrated over a number of years which continued by treating the poor elderly man as a cash cow to fund your heroin and drinking habits.”

Prosecutor Nicholas Neale said the victim, who lived in Gleadless, had been defrauded of large sums of money by the pair and others over a number of years.

Cheques were collected from the pensioner for £100 or £200 and sums were withdrawn for building materials which were never bought.

Greenhoff, 42, of Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, and Firth, 30, of Farm Road, Kendray, would meet Mr Plumb at the TSB’s Manor Top branch or Meadowhall and accompany him to take money out of his account – with Greenhoff pretending to be the old man’s grandson and carer.

When the cash ran out he was encouraged to take out loans of £3,500 to put his account back into the black.

Mr Plumb even loaned his bank card to another man who removed £4,000 through cash machines.

By March 2012 his account was £2,500 overdrawn and when a relative examined paperwork she called the police.

Officers discovered a total of £56,728 had been withdrawn from Mr Plumb’s account, of which £40,408 was taken fraudulently.

Greenhoff and Firth pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and Greenhoff was jailed for five-and-a-half years while Firth was given three years.