Conman loses prison appeal

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A CONMAN who spirited away £150,000 stolen from a pensioner has been told he deserves every day of his seven-year jail term.

Arthur Gaskin was jailed in December 2010 after admitting money laundering.

The 24-year-old helped an associate hide £150,000 stolen from a retired teacher who lived an ‘isolated’ life.

The thief told the pensioner he needed work doing to his house and stole blank cheques to withdraw about £225,000 from his savings.

Gaskin, of Swift Street, Honeywell, Barnsley, was involved in laundering just more than £150,000 of the money, bullying others into putting it into their bank accounts.

But he took his case to London’s Court of Appeal, claiming his jail term was too long, with his lawyers arguing he only played a minor role and made only £5,000 for his involvement.

However, three senior judges, sitting at London’s Court of Appeal, dismissed his claims, saying he had caused ‘great loss and distress’ to the elderly victim.