Concern from residents and business leaders over graffiti in city centre

Residents and local business leaders are calling for something to be done to reduce the amount of graffiti being left on buildings leading in to Sheffield city centre.

By Harry Harrison
Thursday, 9th June 2022, 7:54 am

Derek Dooley Way is a major gateway into the city centre and is covered in graffiti tags and other marks which have been made illegally, which residents say is affecting the growth of the area.

Peter Sephton, Chair of ChangingSheff, the recognised residents’ association for the 25,000 people living within the ring road, said: “It ruins the appearance of our buildings. It makes the city look as though we don’t care and, for visitors to the city, it doesn’t give a very good image.”

The graffiti is contributing to concerns over the continued growth of the city centre as people and businesses move in.

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Graffiti is an eyesore in parts of Sheffield

ChangingSheff is looking to create a forum for residents to discuss issues affecting the city centre, like graffiti, and set up a code of conduct for businesses and residents in order to combat the issues.

Mr Sephton said: “We are concerned because it’s everywhere. Tagging is a problem everywhere at the moment at the moment.

“If you look at the city centre now, every building has a tag on it.”

Removing graffiti is easier said than done.

Concerns have been raised about graffiti in Sheffield city centre

Sheffield City Council is responsible for cleaning graffiti, however they can’t do so without the permission of landlords so Sheffield BID, the city centre business improvement district, are looking to stop it before it happens.

Sheffield BID launched a ‘Bag a Tagger’ initiative in May, which rewards people with up to £200 if they provide information leading to the identification of vandals, who are leaving no building untouched.

Richard Pilgrim, Project Manager at Sheffield BID, said: “I think the thing that’s disappointing is when a property has never been hit before and suddenly it gets hit.

“It’s important that businesses report graffiti to the police on 101 so we can collect evidence against vandals.”

Graffiti can be seen along one of the main routes into Sheffield city centre

ChangingSheff will be holding meetings in the coming months to discuss the problem of graffiti and hopefully begin action to prevent it happening.

Mr Sephton said: “Any artists that are knowledgeable on this and can help us are more than welcome.”

ChangingSheff Chair, Peter Sephton. Peter and ChangingSheff are concerned graffiti in the area is putting off potential residents.
Sheffield BID Project Manager, Richard Pilgrim. Sheffield BID created a scheme with Crimestoppers that rewards people who help identify vandals.