City shopkeeper attacked again

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A SHOPKEEPER who has been hit with a hammer, stabbed and almost had an eye gouged out in separate raids has been targeted again.

Michael Wiles, aged 58, who has run his newsagent’s shop on Langsett Road, Hillsborough, for 36 years, dialled 999 again after a man pushed him out of the way outside his shop and made a dash for the counter before running out empty-handed.

Mr Wiles, who was robbed by a hammer-wielding thug just six months, has also been stabbed in the past.

He has suffered more than six violent robberies in a decade and saw his 80-year-old dad, Lewis Wiles, collapse and die outside the shop following a row with yobs outside in 2007.

Mr Wiles, whose shop is fitted with CCTV cameras, said: “I can’t believe something has happened to me again - I think they just see me as working alone and vulnerable and think I am an easy target but they won’t drive me out of business.”

He said the latest incident happened at 6.25pm on Monday when he saw two men outside his shop.

“I went out to see what they were doing and they both pushed me out of the way and one of them ran into the shop towards the counter.”