Christmas crackdown on crime launched in Rotherham

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Criminals and suspects will be targeted by police in Rotherham to drive down burglaries, thefts and drug offences in the town over Christmas and New Year.

Operation Cracker will involve officers calling at the homes of prolific offenders and raiding the homes of suspects.

There will also be extra police patrols in the towns.

Detective Chief Inspector Bob Chapman said: “We do not want the public of Rotherham to fund the criminals’ Christmas and we are working incredibly hard to prevent that from happening.

“We will be executing warrants at properties where we believe criminality is taking place, whether that’s related to burglaries or drug dealing.

“We will be engaging with the local communities, gathering information and intelligence, paying visits to individuals we believe may engage in crime over the festive period.

“We want criminals living in Rotherham to know that we’re watching and that we won’t hesitate to take robust action if anyone is found to be committing a crime.

“While this operation is intended to drive down burglaries and theft offences, we are also targeting individuals dealing in drugs as we know this can impact on acquisitive crime.

“Someone desperate to fund their drugs habit may resort to stealing, which is why we want to target drugs suppliers and dealers too. We want to disrupt the cycle and get these people off the streets.”

The operation has been launched in a bid to prevent a traditional spike in offences.

Police chiefs are using it to remind residents to keep their doors and windows locked.