‘Children not safe in school’

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A mum today accused a Sheffield school of not keeping pupils safe after her teenage son had his nose broken by another boy in a lesson.

Lewis Parry, aged 13, was taken to hospital covered in blood after the assault at Forge Valley School, Stannington.

Lewis Parry, aged 13, following the assault at Forge Valley School

Lewis Parry, aged 13, following the assault at Forge Valley School

Mum Amanda said she is worried the school is not doing enough to protect vulnerable pupils and the three-day exclusion for the boy responsible was too lenient.

Police are investigating the assault and have questioned a 13-year-old.

The attack on Lewis, who has learning difficulties, came just eight weeks after his hand was broken during a break time incident.

But headteacher Dale Barrowclough said pupils’ safety was of ‘upmost importance’ and a survey had shown 96 per cent thought the school was a ‘safe place’.

Amanda, 36, said there was ‘blood spattered all over the table and floor’ following the attack.

Amanda, of Fircroft Road, Shiregreen, said the incident happened when Lewis continued to fiddle with his pen after a boy asked him to stop.

“The boy came up to him and smacked him. No-one else saw what happened, but they heard the commotion.

“There was blood spattered all over the table and floor. Lewis said he lost his vision for a bit.

“I got a call to say there had been an incident and when I got to school they told me to take him to hospital.

“Doctors thought it was broken but couldn’t tell because of all the swelling.”

Amanda, who reported the incident to police, added: “I won’t be letting Lewis back there until I feel they are looking after him like they should be.

“I want the other boy out of the school. You don’t know who he will target next. It could be a lot more serious.”

Lewis has learning difficulties, dyslexia and suspected autism spectrum disorder and has some lessons in the school’s Integrated Resource Unit.

He was in a mainstream maths class with a support worker who was helping another pupil when the attack happened.

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Headteacher Mr Barrowclough said: “The behaviour and safety of pupils at Forge Valley School is of the upmost importance to all at the school. Indeed, in a recent school survey 96 per cent of respondents felt that the school is a ‘safe place’.

“Visitors to the school frequently comment on how well ordered Forge Valley is and how smart, polite and courteous our pupils are.

“I am very proud of each and every pupil at Forge Valley.

“To support pupils, we have a dedicated safeguarding team, a team of year managers and a health and wellbeing officer who work closely with wider Sheffield agencies to protect the wellbeing of our pupils. “All staff are trained to the appropriate level in safeguarding. Alongside this, we have an integrated resource providing bespoke support for a number of vulnerable pupils. This resource is staffed by a dedicated and highly trained team.”